Monday, October 21, 2013

Skype Drama and Minecraft XRUN and my time of the month ...

GO SKYPE ! Yeah you heard me the program called SKYPE I at least have 80 something contacts I don't know why but I just do but I guess that's the way I roll . So if you don't already know who Dylan is his Youtube name is Mr.NinjaBlocks I  might as well send you a link so you can Subscribe to him so uh here it is leave him a message telling him I sent you ! :) so about XRun it's a really EXTREME Minecaft game that makes you run SUPER fast and it's really hard to control the WASD  keys so it's very easy to RAGE at the game ...Now what you all have been waiting for (maybe not) I'M ON MY PERIIOOOOD !:I ehh someone please get me chocolate ! I don't know why I said that but uhh this blog is ALL about my whole life and some of my friends say : IRINA DON'T MAKE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE A BLOG ! , Me: Well that's a little too late for that now huh ! 
                           Well that's all for now BYE !

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