Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friendship Betrayals and What Now to Wear Season Finale

 That's right SON OF A BITCH ! The GIF matches both of the themes of the title ! So lets get this Party Train started ! Okay theme one was about friendship betrayals so let's start with that shall we ? Okay ! So I have a  friend named Dina , Defenition : SHE KNOWS MY HOUSE NUMBER and she just called it right in the middle when I was typing so ! She can't really take a hint ! I told her 15 times and counting that she has made my friends MOVE AWAY to different STATES ! and I almost caught her doing it AGAIN to one of my dear friends ! 

Okay this might be getting a little out of hand NOW FOR TLC'S WHAT NOT TO WEAR ! Yaaaay ! I love this show but wait DUN DUN DUN ! The season finale ?! NO !!! I LOVE THE SHOW TOO MUCH , WHAT ABOUT THE WEIRD ASIAN LADY ! (No Offense ) :
Yeah her I thinks her name is Megumi ? She was on my FAVORITE episode !  

Eh Bye bye !  I'm too depressed to type anymore see you tomorrow !

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