Monday, December 30, 2013


It's a ME IRINAOOOOO! Hah get it ? I'm guessing not ...Anyways YPPAY RAEY WEN ! Backwards stuff is amusing to me .Well I just fucked up Cleverbot I think .This post will be kinda short because I am currently reading a story on Quote V and it's pretty damn good I must say . I swear CleverBot is getting creepier and creepier he/she said that it was the person who called me earlier and whenever the person/thing talked or made a noise it was all static...Anyways BYE !

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coranado Beach

Hey everyone it's Irina here and I'm at the beach ! Exciting right ? Well not really at the moment ...I'm currently making this post in a shop at the beach using my new iPhone with my mother and my grandmother ,my mother doesn't want to get food am when I have severe hunger pains so I am blogging to keep my mind off of it...Merry Christmas or whatever I keep thinking about the 5pound gummy bear in my room and now my pains are coming back god dammit ...I might post some pictures soon is be patient because I might post them after I publish this so sit back!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am so VERY sorry that I haven't been posting in a shit ton long time . School has been bringing me down and of course Dina is back taking Autumn's side so she somewhat betrayed me , Ethan and Autumn broke up and got back together the next day , I made a QuoteV account: Mah Account for it . So yeah , and I met some new friends that Dina brainwashed me (Kinda) to HATE ! The blonde Autumn in my class , Jovani , and Kayden from the class across the hall. I'll post some more tommorrow bye !