Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hi everyone who is reading this random blog post ! My name is Irina but you can call me Ira if you want I don't mind  sorry about the random GIF that's on the screen I just wanted to show it off since I can and this is my blog ! The blog will be about my life AND YES I WILL SHARE THINGS WITH YOU ! Kinda like the show from MTV called Awkward ! I absolutely LOVE that show ! I don't have a lot of drama in my life but once I do i'm gonna share it with you ! so I might as well have a better introduction huh ? well here it is staaarting NOW : I have 3 best friends named Autumn,Ethan and Dina . I have a crush ona  guy named Joseph and Ben Drowned ! <3 Autumn is dating Ethan and Ethan is like a brother to me . I've known Autumn the first day I moved back to San Diego where I was born ! Woo go California ! My dad is from Detroit Michigan and my mom is from Manila Philipines so that means I'm half and half so yeah . I might post a picture of my self or how the teenagers call it 'Selfies' but I'm only 11 and i'm not a attention whore (sorry teenagers) oh yeah and I'm in 6th grade and turning 12 on September 20th in 2014 and if you didn't know I was born in 2002 I have two brother Kenneth and Nick who are okay to me but Nick is nicer but can lose his temper easily so WATCH OUT for him ! That's all for now sorry it was a whole paragraph ! 

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