Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Burning Eyes And Suicide Failure (RAGE Post) (Foul Language Ahead)

Hey everyone ! Its Irina again sorry I picked a random GIF from my files and shoved it onto the blog . I have chlorine in my eyes from swim practice so one with the title details , so what was going on with the 'Suicide Failure' part was ALL ABOUT DINA . It all started 1 week ago when Dina made some nasty ass rumors about me at camp.On Sunday November 17 I almost slit my throat because of her but you know what ? I didn't when I was 8 I tried to do the old hair dryer in the bathtub but I forgot where the hair dryer was so that didn't work either . Today at school she decides to sit next to me in class near the end of school and makes me in trouble with my teacher and parents because she fucked up one of my classmates notebooks by ripping his homework page out and scribbling on the pages and ya know what ? She points her god damn finger at ME ! But all the classrooms has security cameras so she got in trouble and I got to go home . After school I was waiting for my ride home with my best friend Ethan I'll try and find a photo of him :
Found one ! He's one of my best friends (Don't mind the face I had to snip out the other people from the picture . He was on one of the equipment from school and took a selfie with his phone . He helped me get away from that god damn beast named Dina .When she started to get up from sitting down I ran away from her and she yelled : ARE YOU ANGRY AT ME ? . I answered :No. and walked off like the Irina I am with Ethan and sat down on the other side of the school . Dina went home with my friend Amyjin and she hates Dina too and I'm surprised that she would do that . If you didn't remember Dina CAN'T FUCKING TAKE A GOD DAMN HINT AS USUAL . and I haven't heard from her since because It's currenty 6:51 PM where I am 
See ? Okay I think you've had enough reading for today I might post later if something happens Good Night or whatever...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaving School Early

Hay Everyone ! It's Irina again with some new stuff to blog ! sorry I haven't posted in a while I went to 'Out-door School' AKA  camp. So as the title says YES I DID LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY SHOCKER! As the kitty is strutting its stuff that's kinda the way I strutted out of school(except I wasn't walking on 4 legs) I had a sub for a teacher and he had this weird accent that made him sound like a mix of French of Jersey ! Even though he was from Northern Europe .... I really don't wanna tell you why I got out of school early I'll just tell you in a simple way PMS SUCKS ASS ! I guess I don't fell like typing anymore i'm not in he mood I think i'm gonna eat some soup and watch American Horror Story ! 

       Love ya ! 
                      -Irina OUT !