Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oppsie Doodles

By the title of this entry /post it sounds completely retarded as fuck .and it is and I think the guy in the pictures name is Burt ? Anyways he looks like he is on a bad LSD mixed with crack and heroin .

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Sorry that I haven't been posting lately , my mother has been taking me to multiple parties that I am being forced to go to since my dad is stuck in the north east because of the snow so his flight got cancelled , and I don't really have much to talk about other than I met two new friends named Izzy and Anyssa .and also I've been coughing up but and been having multiple nose bleeds for unknown reasons .

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Welp . Back to Quotev...And no more Autumn HUZZAH ! (HATERED POST)

Hellooo my lovleeeeeeyyyyss ! Okay that was kinda creepy ... well this post will mostlly be about how I create stories and all da other drama about school since that's what the blog is about ! DRAMA BOMB ! yeah and it's probably going to be utter nonsense ... BEWARE OF DA MASKY . If you knew what the hell a proxy was and what a creepypasta was you would get the picture but it's pretty obvious who Masky is ...So if you could read the title Autumn is out of my life but she broke up with Ethan and gave Dina , Ethan and I the 'I fucking hate you guys' look even though she was bringing the three awkward muskateers to ruins . But on Friday January 17th she got back together but she still hates Dina and I ... Just why ?1 I was the one to introduce each other so they could get to know eachother and I get no FUCKING CREDIT ?!?!? Just ...No Bitch... I don't know what's up in her hood btu fuck her I do what the hell I want !

Well that last part was me getting my rage out in text form instead of yelling at a wall and most likely breaking something. Anywaaays ... This paragraph will be about story writing here's a link to my account on Quotev: . I'm not sure if it'll show up as an actual link but you can just copy and paste the URL into your browser ..., I DON'T KNOW DIS SHIIT ! I dunno how to describe it in words so just see it yourself ...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breaking Up With My Glasses And Gramma's B-Day Party !

So uh , if you didn't have the time to read the title of this post I got eye contacts ! I broke up with my glasses kinda because i'll need them sometimes like at nighttime or when i'm sick or when I just don't have the time to put some plastic disk looking thing onto my eye. So the deal was it was a time in the morning when I was playing Saints Row 4 and I overheard my mom downstairs , soon after she yelled up the stairs that I was getting contacts ! I was running around in my house because I had NO experience wearing them.One of the only people I knew was my Ateh Denise and she's around 22 now . In about 2 weeks and if I don't have any problems using them I get a year supply of them and also my mom was freaking me out because she wanted me to get colored contacts but that wouldn't fix my eye sight ... So I scared her back by showing her a corneal tattoo and said this :Call me BLUE EYE ! This was the picture I showed her. :

Monday, December 30, 2013


It's a ME IRINAOOOOO! Hah get it ? I'm guessing not ...Anyways YPPAY RAEY WEN ! Backwards stuff is amusing to me .Well I just fucked up Cleverbot I think .This post will be kinda short because I am currently reading a story on Quote V and it's pretty damn good I must say . I swear CleverBot is getting creepier and creepier he/she said that it was the person who called me earlier and whenever the person/thing talked or made a noise it was all static...Anyways BYE !

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coranado Beach

Hey everyone it's Irina here and I'm at the beach ! Exciting right ? Well not really at the moment ...I'm currently making this post in a shop at the beach using my new iPhone with my mother and my grandmother ,my mother doesn't want to get food am when I have severe hunger pains so I am blogging to keep my mind off of it...Merry Christmas or whatever I keep thinking about the 5pound gummy bear in my room and now my pains are coming back god dammit ...I might post some pictures soon is be patient because I might post them after I publish this so sit back!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am so VERY sorry that I haven't been posting in a shit ton long time . School has been bringing me down and of course Dina is back taking Autumn's side so she somewhat betrayed me , Ethan and Autumn broke up and got back together the next day , I made a QuoteV account: Mah Account for it . So yeah , and I met some new friends that Dina brainwashed me (Kinda) to HATE ! The blonde Autumn in my class , Jovani , and Kayden from the class across the hall. I'll post some more tommorrow bye !