Sunday, January 19, 2014

Welp . Back to Quotev...And no more Autumn HUZZAH ! (HATERED POST)

Hellooo my lovleeeeeeyyyyss ! Okay that was kinda creepy ... well this post will mostlly be about how I create stories and all da other drama about school since that's what the blog is about ! DRAMA BOMB ! yeah and it's probably going to be utter nonsense ... BEWARE OF DA MASKY . If you knew what the hell a proxy was and what a creepypasta was you would get the picture but it's pretty obvious who Masky is ...So if you could read the title Autumn is out of my life but she broke up with Ethan and gave Dina , Ethan and I the 'I fucking hate you guys' look even though she was bringing the three awkward muskateers to ruins . But on Friday January 17th she got back together but she still hates Dina and I ... Just why ?1 I was the one to introduce each other so they could get to know eachother and I get no FUCKING CREDIT ?!?!? Just ...No Bitch... I don't know what's up in her hood btu fuck her I do what the hell I want !

Well that last part was me getting my rage out in text form instead of yelling at a wall and most likely breaking something. Anywaaays ... This paragraph will be about story writing here's a link to my account on Quotev: . I'm not sure if it'll show up as an actual link but you can just copy and paste the URL into your browser ..., I DON'T KNOW DIS SHIIT ! I dunno how to describe it in words so just see it yourself ...

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