Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breaking Up With My Glasses And Gramma's B-Day Party !

So uh , if you didn't have the time to read the title of this post I got eye contacts ! I broke up with my glasses kinda because i'll need them sometimes like at nighttime or when i'm sick or when I just don't have the time to put some plastic disk looking thing onto my eye. So the deal was it was a time in the morning when I was playing Saints Row 4 and I overheard my mom downstairs , soon after she yelled up the stairs that I was getting contacts ! I was running around in my house because I had NO experience wearing them.One of the only people I knew was my Ateh Denise and she's around 22 now . In about 2 weeks and if I don't have any problems using them I get a year supply of them and also my mom was freaking me out because she wanted me to get colored contacts but that wouldn't fix my eye sight ... So I scared her back by showing her a corneal tattoo and said this :Call me BLUE EYE ! This was the picture I showed her. :

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