Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaving School Early

Hay Everyone ! It's Irina again with some new stuff to blog ! sorry I haven't posted in a while I went to 'Out-door School' AKA  camp. So as the title says YES I DID LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY SHOCKER! As the kitty is strutting its stuff that's kinda the way I strutted out of school(except I wasn't walking on 4 legs) I had a sub for a teacher and he had this weird accent that made him sound like a mix of French of Jersey ! Even though he was from Northern Europe .... I really don't wanna tell you why I got out of school early I'll just tell you in a simple way PMS SUCKS ASS ! I guess I don't fell like typing anymore i'm not in he mood I think i'm gonna eat some soup and watch American Horror Story ! 

       Love ya ! 
                      -Irina OUT !

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